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One Project At A Time

What We Do

BreaktheTide is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations to help raise funds for women, children, and underprivileged communities. We help raise funds for projects that represent our mission and focus areas.

We partner with nonprofit grassroots organizations that meet the Mission and Goals of BreaktheTide.

What Makes BreaktheTide Different

What Makes BreaktheTide Different

Through transparency, BreaktheTide allows WaveMakers (donors) to feel more connected to the WaveBreakers (projects) they sponsor and know exactly what their contributions are doing for the causes they support. We also partner with lesser-known, non-profit grassroots organizations to ensure that they get the funding they need.

Areas We Focus On

Educational and Vocational Training

Assist people who wish to expand their skills and knowledge yet lack the resources to do so.

Restarting and Restoring Life

Empower those who have undergone significant challenges in their lives and require support to rehabilitate themselves.

Self-Employment and Sustainable Livelihood

Help create sustainable livelihood by promoting and sponsoring self-employment in renewable and environmentally sustainable projects.

Small and Social Businesses

Encourage the creation and growth of businesses that help people, communities, or work towards making the world a better place.

What does BreaktheTide mean?

What does BreaktheTide mean?

BreaktheTide is a meeting place for WaveMakers (donors) and WaveBreakers (sponsored projects)
to join together to make positive changes.

Who are WaveMakers?

We call our donors, WaveMakers, because they supply the resources needed to assist projects with accomplishing their goals. They supply the “wave” needed to make change in the world.

WaveMakers are generous donors whose impactful contributions amplify the strength of BreaktheTide.

Who are WaveBreakers?

We call our partnering organizations (projects), WaveBreakers, because they allocate the resources they receive to make a positive impact on lives. They use their platforms to “break” the status quo.

WaveBreakers are at the heart of BreaktheTide. using their passion and hard work to change lives.

Partner You Can Trust

Just like our name BreaktheTide, we take pride in the simplicity of what we do.

Transparency and Accountability is the cornerstone of BreaktheTide.


Each project is monitored closely by providing periodic updates on the financial results and operational status.


Each project has a distinct beginning and ending, and all projects will have a final independent assessment. The financial results and operational status of each projects is available on this website.