Continental Societies, Inc. Project 2024

Educational & Healthcare | Columbia, Maryland

Continental Societies current projects will impact students in multiple ways: enhance their self-esteem; increase their knowledge of African American history and culture; expose them to various jobs in the Arts and other areas; expose them to etiquette associated with attending concerts and receptions; enhance their reading skills; increase their love for reading; expand their cultural awareness; improve health outcomes; enhance health awareness; increase interest in STEM related careers; help students improve communication skills; and empower children to become lifelong learners.

Continental’s initiatives are expected to reach over 1,000 youth and adults throughout various activities. The African American Read-In is expected to reach approximately 465 students at Cradlerock Elementary School. Hundreds of children and youth will take part in the Black History Exhibit at the Black History Expo and learn about the contributions of African Americans in the Arts. Many students will go on a field trip at the Peabody concert. The Health Fair will allow hundreds of children throughout the Columbia community to receive dental exams at the Colgate Van. The Diabetes initiative will also help many students in participating schools.

Project Update

50% Funded

Total project cost: US $ 1,000.00

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