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As I sit here on the last day of 2022, I want to share some updates from BreaktheTide. Our two and a half years journey began in mid 2020, a year none of us will ever forget. The whole world took an unexpected plunge into a global pandemic and none of us knew then where, when and how we will come out on the other side. We saw a lot of carnage, heart breaks but also saw many peoples’ resilience, reinvention to do something different and defying the status quo to help fellow humans who needed the special care.

BreaktheTide was created at that time with a very simple idea to reach out and help people one project at a time by raising funds to provide financial support to empower women, children and underprivileged communities. We partner with nonprofit grassroots organizations that meet the mission and goals of BreaktheTide and sponsor projects that provide

❖ Education & Vocational Training

❖ Restarting & Restoring Life

❖ Self-Employment & Sustainable Livelihood

❖ Small & Social Business

BreaktheTide is a meeting place for WaveMakers (donors) and WaveBreakers (sponsored projects) to join together to make positive changes.

Year 1 – 2021: Beyond Borders BreaktheTide Makes a Difference - A story from Bangladesh

Sporsho Foundation

Sporsho Foundation is the first organization established in Bangladesh in 2008 that published Braille Books in Bangla for the visually challenged kids focusing on entertainment and culture.

BreaktheTide sponsored 50 copies of কোনোদিন জাগিবে না আর (Will Not Wake Up Again), a mystery novel in Bangla Braille format. This mystery novel is the first of its genre in Braille published by Sporsho Foundation Publication. Cost of the Project $810.00; fully funded in 2021.

Bloom Chittagong

Bloom Chittagong is a nonprofit organization in Chittagong, Bangladesh that offers Assessments, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy to children with Down Syndrome.

During the height of COVID, BreaktheTide funded the much-needed technology upgrades to Bloom Chittagong to enhance its individualized Occupational Therapies, Early Educational Support, Speech and Language Therapies and Online Assessments to the kids and young adults with Down Syndrome. Cost of the Project $1,000.00; fully funded in 2021

Year 2 – 2022: Irrespective of Borders BreaktheTide Makes a Difference - A story from the US


Based in Houston, TX, Daya empowers South Asian survivors of domestic and sexual violence through culturally specific services and educates the community to end the cycle of abuse. BreaktheTide is raising funds to help Daya’s clients to receive laptops that will help them restart and rebuild lives; obtain education and vocational training and eventually become self-employed or earn a sustainable livelihood. Project Cost: $2,000; partially funded $1,000 in 2022

Caught Up

Caught Up transforms the lives of young men from all walks of life, helping them become beacons of hope in their communities. Their programs have served over 300 African-America, Latino, and Caucasian men from low-income families in Detroit, MI.

BreaktheTide is raising funds to help Caught Up provide technology access to students from low-income families in Detroit. Caught up was founded to inspire, mold and empower young men to be productive members of society, giving them tools and resources to succeed as they enter into manhood. Cost of the Project $2,000; partially funded $1,000 in 2022

First Annual Networking and Fundraising Event

BreaktheTide held its first annual networking and fundraising event on December 10, 2022. It was a great gathering of WaveMakers and the event a great success.

35 WaveMakers attended the event and participated actively at the questions and answer forum and the silent auction.

Almost all the silent auction items were provided by the WaveMakers. We had two sets of freshwater pearl necklaces and ear studs from Bangladesh; a Muarano style glass pendent and Grey Quartz Beaded Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Pendent hand made by a WaveMaker; a Pink Ukulele; and an original painting “Into the Light” by Kanak Chanpa Champa, a very renowned Bangladeshi artist. Our WaveBreaker Sporsho Braille Foundation provided Bangla Braille Artifact with a quote from Helen Keller in English, Bangla and Bangla Braille. The hot and savory Hord ‘oeuvres were provided by our WaveMaker Masala Bazaar, a local Bangladeshi grocery and catering store.

True to our commitment to support local organization, the event was held at Carroll Baldwin Hall in Savage, Maryland. It is considered a Maryland Historical site.

As we wrap up the year, I want to thank you for all your support and look forward to a great 2023. Wish you all peace, health and happiness.

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