About Us

Our Story

At BreaktheTide, we love good stories. That’s why all the projects we sponsor have a unique story, and we do too.

Our story was very simple, we all knew Sarah from different paths, places, and times, and we all shared a similar passion of helping others. Over the years, we engaged in various charitable activities including sponsorships, projects and walkathons that brought us all together. Our friendship and our mutual interest in working on pro bono projects, fundraising, and development work made us ideal partners to embark on this journey.

BreaktheTide is the manifestation of our organic chemistry to do something that speaks to our hearts and helps us to make a positive impact on people. We invite you to join us on this journey and with the combined strength of our WaveMakers (donors) and WaveBreakers (projects), we know we can BreaktheTide.

Our Mission

BreaktheTide was created to raise funds to provide financial support and empower women, children, and underprivileged communities, who we assist through the following areas of focus:

Education and Vocational Training
Assist people who wish to expand their skills and knowledge yet lack the financial resources to do so.

Restarting and Restoring Life
Empower those who have undergone significant challenges in their lives and require support to rehabilitate themselves.

Self-Employment and Sustainable Livelihood
Help create sustainable livelihood by promoting and sponsoring self employment in renewable and environmentally sustainable projects.

Small and Social Businesses
Encourage the creation and growth of businesses that help people, communities, or work towards making the world a better place.

Transparency & Accountability

Transparency & Accountability

BreaktheTide is the bridge between the WaveMakers (donors) and WaveBreakers (projects). Each project, irrespective of the size and complexity, are monitored closely by providing periodic updates on the results (financial) and statuses (operations).

We believe in containing our administrative costs to a minimum and breaking all kinds of barriers so that the WaveMakers and WaveBreakers are on the same level playing field, where all aspects of their respective participation is readily available. Periodic updates from all the current projects will be available on our BreaktheTide website. All past and completed projects are archived and will be available upon request.

To ensure full transparency, each project is uniquely identified along with the financial results and operational status. Each project has a distinct beginning and ending, and all projects will have a final independent assessment. The results and status of each project is presented in the form of a Dashboard on the website.